Sense & Sensibility

Written by Kate Hamill, based on the novel by Jane Austen.

Directed by Karina Patel.

Produced by Simran Deokule.

“Sense and Sensibility” is presented through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc (DPI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by DPI.
440 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

Director's Note

"Putting on this play has felt like a slow burn romance, one I know Austen would approve of. After almost not making into my top three plays to direct, to then slowly creeping up on my heart and capturing it entirely, to then diving right into the world of this play with the most incredible team, to then shedding real tears at our very last rehearsal – it’s been a whirlwind. Every week of this process, I felt like I was learning something new about this story, about its characters, about its place in our lives today – and about myself.

I don’t think I realised this when I first read the play but I was drawn to it, I think, because I see a lot of myself in Elinor. We both fall very hard, very fast, very quietly. That one’s important, I think. Quietly. We don’t make a lot of noise. This play has convinced me to make noise.

Because this play is about pleasing people – specifically, it’s about the fact that satisfying anybody is impossible. There’s a quote by Glennon Doyle that encapsulates this perfectly: “When a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible, she becomes free to learn how to please herself.”

When everyone has an opinion, and all those opinions are different, chasing acceptance is just so futile. I think Marianne would say that chasing acceptance is also boring. It’s much more fun to be radically different and carefree and daring. Marianne falls loudly. Dangerously. She says here’s my heart, go on, take it, break it. I don’t care. I’ll be fine, probably.

I’m not actually sure Jane Austen would approve – at least the outcomes of these characters definitely doesn’t indicate that this is a thing she would promote. But I approve. Whether she meant it this way or not, when I put down this play I feel liberated. I feel an urge to be daring. The Gossips are so loud and ludicrous and larger than life, they remind you just how silly it is that we ever listen to unsolicited opinions or shame or jealousy in our own lives. That is what I hope people feel when they drink in the visuals and listen to our radio play. I hope you feel freedom, and joy and humour and love and friendship and all of the things that really and truly matter in this life."

Karina Patel, Director

Producer's Note

"To say this process has been a whirlwind is an understatement. As with everything else during the pandemic, S&S was forced to evolve with the times, rapidly entering territory that neither Karina nor I were familiar with. Yet, this process was simultaneously one of the smoothest, most fulfilling productions I have ever been a part of.

More than a producer’s note, this is a love letter. A love letter to the incredible team - some of whom have been working on this project for nearly 8 months. Thank you for dreaming big. Thank you for taking risks. Thank you for pushing the bounds of theatre to spring this age old story of daring and carefree love to life.

The magic of the theatre is alive and well, folks! No matter where you are, I hope this production immerses you into the world of Jane Austen and leaves you feeling a little lighter - a little more hopeful.

And if you take nothing else away from this show, just remember…
It is always advisable to build a cottage!""

Simran Deokule, Producer

Meet the Cast and Crew

Abby Aldrich. Set Assistant. Abby Aldrich is a student at Northwestern University, majoring in Theatre. She is from Miami and this is her first set design project on a Northwestern production.

Amy Drake. Marketing Director. Amy Drake is a Junior studying Social Policy and Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University. She has been marketing for student organizations and theatre shows since her Freshman year, and loves spending her time video editing, graphic designing, and copy writing in the lovably chaotic Northwestern Theatre scene. As an international student from the British countryside, she has especially loved working on Sense and Sensibility for its humor, warmth, and power to build a shared love of cottages, horses, and Long Walks. When not constantly raving about the current show she's marketing, Amy loves to try out new recipes and explore the baked goods sections of Evanston's many coffee shops.

Arella Flur. Props Designer. Arella Flur designed props for Sense and Sensibility, but she more regularly works as a producer and business manager. She produced The Freshman Musical her freshman year, The Trojan Women in the fall of 2020, and is excited to bring the new musical Our New Town to the stage in fall of 2021. She is also a member of Purple Crayon Players at Northwestern. Outside of Northwestern, she has worked for performing arts organizations large and small, a general management office Off-Broadway, and a talent agency in Hollywood.

Brandon Acosta. Composer, Team Music. Brandon Acosta is a third-year Theatre and English Literature double major in the Musical Theatre Certificate. He is currently the Artistic Director of NU Lovers & Madmen as well as one of the writing coordinators for The 90th Annual Waa-Mu Show Presents: The Secret of Camp Elliott. Brandon is also a proud member of Northwestern Undertones A Cappella. He loves Jane Austen SO much and thinks he is SUCH an Elinor. He is beyond thrilled to have had a hand in this truly innovative project. Shoutout to Simran, Karina, Ezri, Sarah, and all of team music for being some of the most fun, generous, and talented collaborators of all time.

Carter Liebman. Co-Web Designer. Carter is a fourth year student studying Computer Science, Theatre, and Interdisciplinary Design. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Carter has previously served as the Director for New Student Engagement for Wildcat Welcome. His Northwestern theatrical credits include Ghost Quartet, The Dolphin Show's Hello, Dolly!, L&M's Jasper in Deadland, L&M's Children of Eden, and literally so many more.

Ché Negron. Colonel Brandon/John D. Ché Negron is a Theatre Major at Northwestern University, and is a member of the class of 2023. Born and raised in New York City, Ché developed a passion for acting at age 10 and has stuck with it ever since. He credits his parents for always believing in him and allowing him to follow his dream. Lastly, Ché would like to say how grateful he is to be a member of this cast. “It is the most fun I’ve ever had working on a process, which is crazy because it’s all done virtually!”

Claire Guthrie. Assistant Dramaturg. Claire Guthrie is an actor and a first-year theatre major(MT certificate program) at Northwestern University. She is thrilled to be a part of S&S, her first show at Northwestern! Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Claire has performed at theatres such as Casa Mañana, Theatre Arlington, and Bass Hall. She also spent four summers studying musical theatre at Interlochen Arts Camp, where she was a 2018 Fine Arts Award and 2019 Maddy Award recipient.

Claire Kwon. Elinor. Claire Kwon is honored and ecstatic to be portraying Elinor in this radio play production of Sense & Sensibility. She is a Junior at Northwestern University studying Theatre (Musical Theatre), International Studies, and IMC. Recent credits include: Small Alison in FUN HOME, Lee Tai-young in THE WAA-MU SHOW: FOR THE RECORD, and #13 in THE WOLVES. She's a proud member of Steam Heat Dance Company, The Bix Musical Improv Group, Purple Crayon Players, and THUNK A Cappella. She is so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful radio play and process!

Cole Greenberg. Willoughby. Cole Greenberg is an Actor, writer and comedian studying Theatre and integrated marketing as an undergraduate at Northwestern University. He originally grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and plans to move out to Los Angeles after graduation to try his hand at film acting and stand-up comedy. He is evergrateful to be surrounded by such supportive friends and family and wouldn't be able to achieve anything without them.

Craig. Discord Bot. Craig is a Discord bot. Craig has been working at Discord for the past few years. He is very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to help his friends at Northwestern record this show. Craig tries his best to have a really deep and somewhat scary voice when announcing the start of recording sessions. Just for the bit. In his free time, Craig goes for long walks on the beach with his bot girlfriend Carla.

Danielle Kerr. Fanny/Mrs Jennings. Danielle Kerr is a senior Theatre major with a minor in English and a certificate in music theatre. She is so excited to be a part of this production, shout out to Mama and Papa for handing down their love of literature and their copy of Sense and Sensibility <3

Drew McComas. Lead Producer, Team Music. An avid film composer, editor, music producer, and percussionist, Drew McComas is actively engaged at Northwestern University studying Percussion Performance and Film Composition & Post Production at the Bienen School of Music. Currently serving as the Post-Production Coordinator for Northwestern Sketch Television in Fall 2020, Drew also creates multi-media content for groups across campus and regularly composes for short film projects. Recent highlights include writing original music for "Those Who Move Mountains" and "We're the Marvels" as well as his debut single "Complicated Love". Drew enjoys watching movies with his friends and family as well as spontaneous food adventures.

Elena Jaffe. Marketing Assistant. Elena Jaffe is a freshman theatre major at Northwestern University. She enjoyed working as the Assistant Marketing Director for Sense & Sensibility. Elena is from NYC. She enjoys acting and participating in theatre workshops, including at the Barrow Group. Elena is a Jane Austen and Harry Potter fan.

Emily Brooks. Mrs. Dashwood. Emily Brooks (Mrs. Dashwood) is a Junior theatre major in the Music Theatre Certificate and World Literature minor. She's performed on campus in The Trojan Women, Legally Blonde, Waa Mu: State of the Art, and AMTP: Scotland, PA, and regionally at Village Theatre (Festival of New Musicals) and Second Story Repertory (Anne in Anne of Green Gables). She's also choreographed on campus for the Wirtz center (Machinal, Tomas and the Library Lady), student theatre, and student film, and interned in choreography and education at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre and Taproot Theatre. She is full of love and gratitude for this cast, creative team, and Jane Austen!

Ezri Claire Killeen. Co-Music Supervisor. Ezri Claire Killeen is a senior dual degree student, studying journalism, voice, music theatre, and music direction. Recent productions include LIFE NOW (The National Theatre/Imagine U) and STATE OF THE ART (Waa-Mu). Upcoming: THE SECRET OF CAMP ELLIOTT (Waa-Mu), PIPPIN (The Dolphin Show).

Fardeem Munir. Co-Web Designer.

Francesca Wimer. Special Events Director. Francesca Wimer is a sophomore majoring in Theatre and International Studies, and is so excited to be a part of the wonderful S&S team! She is also a proud member of WAVE Productions, and a part of the Writing Board for the 90th Annual Waa-Mu Show: The Secret of Camp Elliott.

Gabrielle Alava. Margaret/Anne Steele. Gabrielle Alava is a sophomore at Northwestern University majoring in Communication Studies and pursuing an Integrated Marketing Communications certificate. Past roles include Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Hatch in It’s a Wonderful Life, Cinderella’s stepsister, and music directing for And a Child Shall Lead. She is also on the Marketing and Music teams for The Waa-Mu Show. Gabrielle is excited to make her Northwestern theatre debut in Sense and Sensibility and is honored to have been a part of such a creative radio production.

Jane Austen. Author, OG Baddie. Jane Austen (1775-1817) is an English author known for her dry wit and social commentary. Favorite credits include Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), and Emma (1815), as well as Persuasion and Northanger Abbey (1817, published posthumously). Sense and Sensibility, her anonymous debut (simply “by a lady”), was originally written as a novel-in-letters entitled “Elinor and Marianne” when Jane was 19 years old. It went on to become a literary classic adapted for stage, screen, and radio centuries later. She would like to thank her favorite sister Cassandra for censoring and even destroying decades’ worth of letters upon Jane’s death, protecting her private life from dramaturgs everywhere!

Jude Cramer. Sir John. Jude Cramer is a second-year student majoring in Journalism and Gender and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Theatre. When he's not playing over-exuberant British men, Jude is an editor for STITCH Magazine and an aspiring drag performer (check her out on Instagram @karma.zabitch <3). He hopes you enjoy the show, and that isn't SO very dull.

Julia Borrelli. Composer, Team Music. Julia is currently a fourth year undergraduate student at Northwestern University, studying music composition in the Bienen School of Music, and learning and organizational change in the School of Education and Social Policy. Julia is interested in merging her interests of musical composition and organizational design to enhance her work in both fields. Julia’s music is greatly influenced by social structure, societal practices, and the differences between generations. Julia is excited to start working in the consulting industry, and to start freelance composing upon graduation in the spring of 2021.

Kareena Sharma. Co-Web Designer. Kareena is a UI/UX designer studying Design Engineering (BS) and Computer Science (MS) at Northwestern University. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, playing card games, and eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate. She is incredibly grateful for this experience, and will forever cherish the memories and friendships she has made.

Karina Patel. Director. Karina Patel is a theatre maker currently in her third year studying Theatre, History and Service Design at Northwestern University. She has been lucky enough to spend her time at Northwestern making art with Spectrum Theatre Company, Playing with Fire and of course, the incredible team of "Sense and Sensibility." She is eternally grateful to this team for making her wildest dreams come true and making her fall in love with directing more and more every day. When she’s not in class, meetings or rehearsal, you can find Karina curling up with a good book, baking or inhaling bubble tea.

Katherine Mu. Assistant Producer. Kathertine Mu is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University and is proud to be a part of the process!

Lucy Basile. Assistant Stage Manager. Lucy Basile is a freshman theatre major at Northwestern University. She spent her high school years acting and directing and is so excited to be part of her first production at Northwestern as the Assistant Stage Manager. She is so thankful for the incredible “Sense and Sensibility” team for such a wonderful experience.

Luke Arnold. Sound Designer/Engineer. Luke Arnold is a sophomore at Northwestern studying Theatre and Computer Science. He had an absolute blast working with the S&S crew, and is so proud of this show!

Mark Berry. Stage Manager. Mark is a sophomore theatre major at Northwestern, studying in the Theatre Management Module and also studying Business and Gender Studies. They're a proud member of the Purple Crayon Players and so excited to be working with L&M on Sense & Sensibility. Recent Northwestern credits include: The Displaced (SM), Catch Me If You Can (SM), Joni: busy being free (SM), Julius Caesar (ASM), Winnie the Pooh (ASM). Thank you to Karina, Simran, and the whole team for creating such a wonderful process!

Meghan McNeive. Lucy Steele/Lady M. Meghan McNeive is a Northwestern junior majoring in theatre. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this production and bring the LOVELY Lucy Steele and the VIBRANT Lady Middleton to life. Meghan would like to give a very special thanks to mom, Maisy, and the children of the Wasteland. Other Northwestern credits include You Got Older (Jenny), Never Not Once (Eleanor), and Cry It Out (Lina).

Mia Cavener. Costume Designer. Mia Cavener is a senior from Pennsylvania majoring in Theatre and Political Science. She started costume designing for student theatre two years ago, and has designed one show a quarter since. In addition to costuming, Mia enjoys acting, painting, baking, and reading. She would like to thank everyone who helped with this production and her parents for putting up with the messes she makes when sewing.

Nora Geffen. Marianne. Nora Geffen is a third-year student at Northwestern University. She's majoring in Theatre and English, and she's in the Music Theatre Certificate program. Nora is the literary manager for Northwestern's Jewish Theatre Ensemble, and in her free time she loves walks to Colectivo and reading Jane Austen.

Priyanshi Katare. . Priyanshi is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University and is proud to be a part of the process!

Rick Hilscher. Edward. Rick Hilscher is a third-year studying Theatre and Economics with a Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. He is thrilled to be a part of this radio play and to collaborate with so many brilliant minds. When he is not performing, Rick enjoys going on long moonlit walks down the shores of Lake Michigan, serenading the wildlife of Evanston with his silky voice, dancing to the sound of the wind, and writing fake hobbies for his bios.

Rishi Varma. Lighting Designer. Rishi Varma is a student at Northwestern University studying theatre and economics. He is an actor, writer, and now, he's a lighting designer! He enjoys long walks on the virtual beach and if you swipe right—wait, this not his Tinder profile. Sometimes he forgets what platform he is supposed to be writing for. But he never forgets what thing he is supposed to be putting light on. He hopes you enjoy being able to see everybody's wonderful designs!

Ruby Gibson. Dramaturg/Bonding & Wellness. Ruby Gibson is an actor, playwright, and dramaturg studying theatre and gender & sexuality studies. On campus, she is literary manager for Spectrum Theatre Company and president of the Northwestern Undertones. Additionally, she loves performing, writing songs, props designing, and putting together a killer dramaturgy presentation.

Samuel Perlman. Lead Producer, Team Music. Samuel Perlman is a junior at Northwestern studying composition and clarinet performance, as well as working as an arranger, orchestrator, and music director and producer for student theatre productions. Samuel’s recent and current shows include L&M’s "Sense and Sensibility" (composer and lead music producer), ImagineU’s "Tomás and the Library Lady" (associate music director, arranger/orchestrator, and music producer), the 90th Annual Waa-Mu Show: The Secret of Camp Elliott (lead orchestrator), and People You May Know (associate music director).

Sarah Geltz. Co-Music Supervisor. Sarah Geltz is a third-year student at Northwestern University majoring in theatre with minors in commercial music and sociology. Her emphasis lies in musical theatre composition / lyric writing as well as Theatre for Young Audiences. She is currently a Writing Coordinator for Northwestern's 90th Annual Waa-Mu Show as well as the Tour Manager for Purple Crayon Players. You can find her listening to music and drinking coffee at all hours of the day.

Simran Deokule. Producer. Simran Deokule is an actor and producer studying theatre, international studies, and psychology at Northwestern University. An activist at heart, Simran loves to act in and produce shows that present narratives that have been omitted from the typical canon. Recent works include Sense & Sensibility (Northwestern University), Zac Efron (Token Theatre), and Christmas Mubarak (Silk Road Rising). Her additional roles include Chief Operating Officer of the non-profit Project Tasveer; Director of Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity for the Dolphin Show; and Music Director for Brown Sugar A Cappella. When she is not doing homework or extracurriculars, you can find her singing at a piano or, as of quarantine, desperately trying to learn how to skateboard after impulsively purchasing one. Simran is SO proud of her whole team for adapting to a virtual format, and sincerely hopes you enjoy this theatrical experience!

Stephenie Liew. Marketing Assistant. Stephenie is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University and is proud to be a part of the process!

Tamara Sanchez. Graphic Designer. Tamara Sanchez is a Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer who does art for fun but also commissioned work. She has been the social media chair for her Northwestern University Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She has also worked with Laugh. Events in New York and Waukegan to College in Waukegan, IL to create social media content to send out to clients and potential clients. Before becoming a graphic designer, Tamara has spent most of her life with a sketchbook in her hand, doodling and drawing what she feels and gathering inspiration from everyday life, taking classes through Medill helped her fall in love with graphic design but also allowed her to polish up her skills. Besides art and sketching, she enjoys running and spending her time listening to music as well as spending time with family and friends.

Tyler Felson. Composer, Team Music. Tyler Felson is a junior working towards majors in music and theatre with minors in music technology and sound design. Although he primarily considered himself an actor before the world ended, he has recently shifted his focus towards exciting, new things like DJing, producing, and audio engineering. He loves being outside and listening to house music. He sends a huge congrats to the cast and team on a successful production!

Victoria Faith Grisantu. Assistant Director. Victoria Grisanti is the assistant director for Sense and Sensibility. Majoring in Religious Studies and studying on the pre-med track, Victoria enjoys exploring theater outside of her academic studies. A member of the club swim team, a capella, and on the production team for two different shows, she likes staying busy (and avoiding her chemistry studies). In her free time, Victoria avidly watches Disney movies and loves singing along to the radio.

William Lopez-Wortman. Costume Assistant. William Lopez-Wortman is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University and is proud to be a part of the process!

Zidi Mu. . Zidi is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University and is proud to be a part of the process!

Zoe Snead. Set Designer. Zoe Snead is a scenic designer and technical director at Northwestern University getting her degree in Theatre and Electrical Engineering. She prefers live theater, set designing or technical directing for StuCo shows like The Old Man and the Old Moon, Luna, and the Wave New Director Fest, but has since dipped her toes into virtual theater, including The Trojan Women, Sense and Sensibility (this one!), and ImagineU's Tomas and the Library Lady. She enjoys long walks on the lakefill and yelling at the geese there.

Special Thanks

danielle's binder, tangled/frozen discourse, karina's kookies, Karina our beautiful director, the whole cast and team that spent countless hours working to produce a living experience through our silly little audio scenes, and my Mom and Dad who consistently support me and my dreams, taco, tobey mcguire, my bangs, Meghan for derailing rehearsals, kerchoo, the horse I never fucking got, enablers near and far, sister SISTER, the warmest loveliest room I have ever been in, a man who hasn't let me down, Karina Karina Karina, notorious VFG, these wonderful WONDERFUL WORDS, every time it rains (even when it pours), Jane Austen herself, The Just Dance version of What Does the Fox Say?, Discord, Pixar's Cars 2, The Gaming Panther, Karina\"s baking, The Cast and Prod Team for making such an incredible show, Discord, Jane Austen, open calls, my neighbors, Karina and Mark, Simran for being the most incredible producer and friend, Mark freaking Berry, Victoria and Lucy the loves of my life, the entire cast for being my dream come true, Kachow, my parents for always believing in me, Cars 2 The Movie, Discord, the entire prod team for hustling so much harder and caring so much more than they ever needed to, TheGamingPanther, Just Dance warm ups, Minecraft Just Dance warm ups, Rick being so bad at check ins, Craig my fave robot ever, my amazing roommates for supporting me in everything I do, enablers, Coldstone Creamery and Jane Austen for being a genius and gifting us a stunning story,Stephenie, Karina, Simran, Francesca, chocolate, warm coats, I want to thank Zoe Snead for entrusting me to help bring her great ideas to life and giving me the freedom to input my own ideas during the process! I learned so much from her during this production and I hope to work together again in the future! , kachow, pixar, the best roommates on this side of simpson<3, impromptu mic setups, Karina Patel for being the BEST director ever, the incredible Simran Deokule, TheGamingPanther, minecraft, Just Dance, The Weather Girls, chickpea stew, beautiful snow, Jane Austen, my sister <3, the Dashwood fam, Discord, gamers, all the insanely amazing cast and crew on this team, the quote book, dream team karina mark and lucy, Just Dance, Coldstone, Cars, danielle kerr saying my little chickens, hm hm, jane austen, the Tomas and the Library Lady team, TEAM MUSIC, linda gates' guide to RP, the entire hilarious wonderful cast, enablers, my lovely roommates Tessa and Allie for giving me the disappointed look when I tell them how late I stayed up, my sibling!!! EB!!!! for helping me edit pictures while they were applying to college, my sister Rachel for remembering which shows I'm working on, Rishi and Mia and Carter and Kareena and Fardeem for dealing with me, ABBBYYYYY a literal QUEEN at painting flowers, Karina for the S&S hot takes, Mark for being Berry good, Blender for being simultaneously gatekeep-y and open-source, watercolor paints for being my new obsession, that one goose that waddled up to me on the frozen lakefill (a friend?? mayhaps??), My roommates Dee Dee and freggino, Lana parilla and Trisha Doolan, rebel Wilson’s den of thieves, mr. rat for dialect coaching, moms and pops for introducing me to sweet lady jane, My roommates Dee Dee and freggino, Lana parilla and Trisha Doolan, rebel Wilson’s den of thieves, mr. rat for dialect coaching, moms and pops for introducing me to sweet lady jane, CHAOS, Ollie the Aubergine, good bollywood music, fanny packs, Gujju gang, team MUSIC!, all the DESIGNERS!, cottages, Zoom(TM), Craig, gamers, blender, bucket hats, just dance, Le Circle France, Love Island Australia, Ezri for being the BEST music supervisor and introducing me to composing for a new genre of music!, My work wife Via Greene, Madeline and Mitchell <333, Sim and the whole team, the food of the day, Karina's many many fun sounds, Coldstone, TheGamingPanther, and of course, Barbara Butts, The entire team because they managed to make a virtual production one of the best theatre experiences I’ve ever had, Canva, #AustenTok, wnur jazz, bridgerton for laying the foundation, the incredibly willing cast and prod team for knocking it out of the park, my space heater, caleb, incredible british accents, the banner by the arch for precedented times vibes, Alex Lacamoire, Imogen Heap, flex pitch, Dropbox rewind, and Drew's groceries, Kareena and Fardeem for carrying this crazy burden, Simran and Kareena for being so patient, Atif Osmani, Rebecca Liebman, Madi O'Malley Kress, my family and friends who have never left my side,"